Social skills interventions can be helpful for people who have a diagnosis of autism, who self-identify as autistic, or who have more general difficulties understanding and managing social interactions and relationships.

Social skills interventions can help you to:

  • improve your social understanding and awareness
  • develop a broader range of skills needed for different social situations
  • become more assertive and better able to problem-solve
  • feel less anxious or worried about social situations
  • feel more confident to socialise
  • problem-solve more adeptly

What happens in sessions?

Social skills interventions tend to involve talking about the types of difficulties experienced in social situations, reasons for why these have developed and factors that seem to make these better or worse.

In sessions, we would identify the impact these difficulties have on everyday life, and goals you would like to work towards.  We would then work together to help you develop more skills and strategies, so that you feel more confident to take part in a wider range of social situations more often.