We very much appreciate that paying for psychological services can represent a significant investment, and that cost might be a major consideration in deciding whether or where to access support. 

For this reason, we aim to keep our fees transparent and fair, while being reflective of the training, expertise and quality of treatment provided by our highly skilled psychological therapists. 

Below is a list of indicative fees for the services we provide – we will always agree any cost with you before starting sessions.  If you hold private health insurance, your provider may agree to cover part or all of the cost of your appointments.

  • We do not charge for reasonable contact between therapy sessions.
  • We do not charge a premium rate for appointments outside of standard office hours. 
  • If you would like to use your health insurance to pay for appointments, please discuss this with us as soon as you can.  If you hold private health insurance, your provider may agree to cover part or all of the cost of your appointments. 

Introductory consultationApprox. 30 minutesFree of charge
Individual therapy session60 minutes£130-140
Systemic family therapy60 minutes£160
Introductory meetingApprox. 30 minutesFree of charge
Adult autism assessmentApprox. 7hrs£1950
Comprehensive assessment reports and letters---Free of charge
Post-assessment follow-up meeting60 minutesFree of charge
Post-diagnosis support session (for individuals and/or family members)60 minutes£130-140
ADHD post-diagnosis support groupA course of six one-hour sessions over consecutive weeks£200
Autism post-diagnosis support groupA course of eight two-hour sessions over consecutive weeks£500
Clinical supervision60 minutes£100
ADOS-2 trainingFour-day course£800
Please contact us regarding fees for consultation, bespoke training, specialist assessments, and medico-legal work.